Neighborhood Speed Board Program

Traffic Enforcement
Speed Board Roseville police officers respond to approximately 35,000 calls each year. Officers investigate a multitude of calls such as serious assaults, domestics, robberies, thefts, criminal damage to property, frauds, forgeries, and medicals. Between calls for service, officers enforce traffic laws.
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Roseville Police patrol 120 miles of roadways. In 2013, Roseville officers made 19,139 traffic contacts including citations and warnings. Traffic enforcement is a Roseville Police priority.

Traffic & Speed Concerns
During Roseville’s “Night to Unite,” the most common concerns were traffic and speed enforcement. With increasing demands on the department, we are asking residents to partner and Adopt A Speed Board. Speed boards are available April 1 to November 1. The program purpose is to remind motorists of residential street speed (30 mph unless otherwise posted).

Adopt a Speed Board Program

The Adopt a Speed Board program works as follows:
  • Complete an Adopt A Speed Board Request Form online
  • There must be a street sign in your neighborhood to secure the speed board
  • Once your request is authorized, an officer will teach you how to maintain your speed board
  • Once familiar with speed board maintenance, you’ll be responsible for maintaining and securing the board’s power source and securing all cable locks
  • You’ll be responsible for the speed board sign for 14 days. At the completion of the 14 day program, police will remove the display and, pending calls for service, officers will be directed to your neighborhood for traffic enforcement
Additional questions about this neighborhood program can be directed to
Day Shift Patrol Sergeants. Due to rotating police schedules, it may not be possible to respond to your request for 7 to 10 days.